Through FCE in France, the group has a long expertise in designing and integrating customized pumping units.

Most of the applications are for well services in the Exploration and Production sectors.

The solids removal equipment designed by FCE are mostly seen in well testing packages and fracturing, coil tubing or drilling flow-back systems. Solids removal is often needed everywhere as the erosion in piping systems is a major concern.

A Renowned Expertise

FCE has acquired a reputed expertise in designing solids removal equipment and has developed several products from simple inline filters to dual pot sand filter units for light solids like sand or Proppant and plug catchers (also named trash catchers) and debris catchers for heavy solids like cuttings.

The solids filter equipment can also prevent the processing equipment against solids accumulation which affect their performances and require heavy and frequent maintenance and cleaning.

The Highest Standards

Our core activity in Oil & Gas requires the highest standards due to pumped fluids characteristics, hazardous areas, severe environmental and operating conditions, as well as safety levels, inspection and quality control requirements. All pumping units are subject to specific engineering and they are fully tested prior to delivery.

Our engineering department is involved in R&D, equipment design and detail engineering of the group’s products and special projects.

The engineering department works in close relation with our project team, after sales technicians, quality and production departments.

3D Solids Work and Autocad systems are regularly updated as well as the international norms, codes and standards we comply with.

We acquired an extensive knowledge of the operations through field feedback.

Such relation with end users makes FCE a valuable adviser when specifying the most appropriate pumping unit to a particular application.

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