Well Testing Equipment

Surface Well Testing

Our Surface Well Testing Equipment range includes most of the conventional equipment such as:


Upstream process:

  • 5000/10000 psi sand filter
  • 5000/10000/15000 psi floor choke manifold
  • 2500/5000 psi indirect heater

Downstream process:

  • 600/1440 psi 3-phase test separator
  • 100 bbl x 50 to 150 psi single compartment surge tank
  • 100 bbl x 50 to 150 psi dual compartment surge tank
  • Divert manifold
  • Transfer pump

Systems and Components

Emergency Shut Down systems:

  • 5000/10000/15000 psi ESD valve
  • Air controlled hand portable ESD Panel c/w set of hi-lo pilots & remote ESD stations

Interconnecting components:

  • Piping components
  • Data headers
  • Crossovers

Unique Flexible Design

Each skid mounted design comes with a wide range of integrated and interchangeable options that allow easy and cost-effective modifications to match with variable field and process conditions or client standards.

Special Design

Specific requirements can be studied such as:

  • Other flowrate capacities, different sizes
  • Low pressure rating for marginal fields (pumped wells)
  • Insulation, heat tracing
  • Trailer mounting / unitisation to field conditions
  • Compact integration where footprint saving is critical
  • Various options and configurations

FTE also provides production equipment such as separators & vertical degasser.

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