Exploration & Production

The expertise acquired in well services equipment is extended with small and medium size projects in the Exploration & Production domain and upstream applications such as:

  • Early Production Facilities (EPF) & Flow Station
  • Production Testing
  • Water Injection into wells / Sea Water Disposal

Production Testing Equipment is used to test a well under production. It generally consists of a conventional Surface Well Testing Equipment asset (Test Separator and Data Acquisition System).

Production Testing Equipment for onshore operation is often a trailer mounted Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) that allows easy moving and fast connection to a by-pass manifold located onto the production line (or flowline) downstream the wellhead production chokes.

Production Testing Equipment is generally owned and operated by a Well Service Company but also by Marginal Field Operators who need customized units to match with the specific conditions of Mature Fields.
Thanks to its engineering capacity, Fluid Control Europe is an ideal provider of customized Production Testing Equipment.

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